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Thread: 245/50/15 Tires?

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    245/50/15 Tires?

    Does anyone make a street tire in a 245/50/15 size?

    I'm trying to plan ahead for wheels for the 914, and since I'll be going with flares I'm leaning towards either an 8" rim or 10" rim from Diamond Racing.

    Since I've got the space, I'd like to maximize the tire, but I can't seem to find anything bigger than 225. The tires will only see dry conditions, but will see plenty of street time as well.

    At some point I'll be able to afford a seperate set of autox tires, but too many other things to fix on the car before that happens.

    Any suggestions or is 225 going to be my max, if so, can 225's fit on a 10" rim? I'd like to maximize the rim size even if I'm stuck at a 225 in street tires now, as these will eventually become dedicated autox wheels.

    Any recommendations in that size?

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    at 15" for a (good) street tire, you are going to be stuck with a 225/45/15. I wouldn't run anything wider than 9" for a 225.
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    General rule of thumb is to have a rim as wide as the tread width, if you can, so 7" of tire on the road, 7" rim. More rim than tire will reduce the performance of that tire. Keep in mind this is a very general thought process. Since you are looking to run SSM, there are no rim width restrictions, so whatever will fit in the fender is your limit. If you're thinking of a "street" tire to drive to and from the events on, 15" limits you. Using a star spec as an example, going to a 17" rim would open up widths to a 255 series. But a 17 x 8 or 9" width diamond racing rim would end up being pretty porky, adding unsprung mass in general, and just plain more mass to get rotating with you leave the line. Not like this is you or I, but there is a reason some guys spend $500 a rim to get the lightest thing out there...

    I suspect you have thought of re-drilling and studding the hubs to a more common pattern, to open up more (light weight) rim choices, but I mention that anyway...

    If you are thinking of going to "race" rubber eventually, again 15" is the limiting factor. For example, in the hoosier A6, 15" goes to 225, or 275 if you can stuff it all in there. Using the 225 as our example, it has 8.8" on the ground, and the max rim recommended is 8.5", again proving the match the tire to the rim rule of thumb. If you were to run that A6 on a 9" rim, it would probably be just fine, but going to a 10" rim for that tire would not be the way to go.
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    Thanks for the advice Dave!

    Going to a 16"x10" Diamond Racing wheel would open up 245 width tires as an option, but it would also add weight and taller gearing...but then I'd be able to use them later on as a dedicated autox wheel.

    A 245/50/16 tire would be equal to the stock original tire of 165/65/15, so my speedometer would at least be right.

    Is the extra width/grip of a 245 tire worth the gearing and weight increases of a 16" wheel?

    Part of me thinks it won't really matter as I've never even autox'd but it's a decision I won't be able to change for a while.

    EDIT: just did some more research doesn't sound like 10" wheels would even fit. Think I'll just go with the 15x8's and call it good!
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